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The Multigrade Classroom

Dusty Shelf

This curriculum is outdated and/or no longer in print.
It is not on the approved NAD Textbook list and should not be used.

A slideshow gallery of some of the Dusty Shelf titles can be found below.


Bible Life Series (2003) | Grades 1–8

Pacific Press Publishing Association

Series 1: Belonging To His Family
Series 2: Accepting His Plan
Series 3: Following His Way
Series 4: Exploring His Power
Series 5: Fruit of the Spirit
Series 6: Christ Our Life
Series 7: Truth Unveiled
Series 8: Becoming Like Him

Fine Arts

Music Curriculum (1993)


Language Arts

Life Reading Series (1983)


HBJ Language Medallion Edition (1993) | grades 1-8

Harcourt Brace & Co.

Houghton Mifflin English (2004) | Grades 1–8

Houghton Mifflin


Harcourt Math (2002) | Grades 1–8

Harcourt School Publishers


Scott Foresman Science (2003) | Grades 1–4

Scott Foresman

Rockets and Raisins
Habits and Habitats
Discover God's World
Discover God's Creation
Explore God's Creation
Explore God's Creation

Social Studies

Scott Foresman Social Studies (2003,  2005) | Grades 1–4

Pacific Press Publishing Association



Key Learnings  | Grades K–8

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