Professional Development

Professional development is vital to a school’s success, because it is designed to strengthen a teacher's knowledge of content and thus improve student achievement.

A successful career in the teaching ministry is dependent on teacher growth and improvement. The teacher, as a professional, is responsible for their own continued growth. In order to meet the ever changing demands of the profession, the teacher must be up to date with current techniques and strategies. The professional success of a Christian teacher will have a positive impact, not only on the academic success of the student, but should also facilitate a meaningful relationship between the student and our heavenly Father.


Training Resources


Lifeline: A Handbook for Small School Success



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North American Division
Small School Survival Guide


Adventist Learning Community

The ALC is a Seventh-day Adventist ministerial and educational platform designed to strengthen professionals through continuing education courses, teaching courses, ministerial training, and dissemination of uniquely Adventist content for the church community and beyond. Visit the ALC website here.


Helpful Videos for the Multigrade Educator


Professional development may be obtained by taking part in live webinars or watching recorded webinars. Re-certification credit may be obtained by listing the webinars on the Application for Non-Academic Credit that is submitted to the local conference at the end of the year.

Topics range from Differentiated Instruction to ByDesign to Validating our Adventist Education Standards–and more. Want to review a session you watched or perhaps catch one you missed? Visit the Webinar Archives. All webinars are recorded and available in the Dashboard Files area.

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NAD  Curriculum Webinars

Professional Development

Professional Development

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