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The Multigrade Classroom


Digital Learning

NAD Standards // Technology

Essential Question

How do digital technologies support the ways God designed us to learn?


Big Idea

Digital technologies assist learners in thinking critically, communicating, collaborating, and creating.








Use age-appropriate software to generate new ideas and create products. (Creativity and Innovation-1)

Use technology in multiple subjects to gather and organize data, draw conclusions, and solve problems. (Critical Thinking-1; Critical thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making-4)

Play with technology and document discoveries and reflections. (Creativity and Innovation-1)

Demonstrate how technology can help find multiple solutions to a problem. (Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making-4)

Create a project using technology to serve the church and community. (Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making-4)

Digital Fluency

Essential Question

Why should we excel in the understanding and use of digital technology resources?


Big Idea

The proficient use of digital technology provides us with the opportunity to develop academically, socially, and spiritually.








Communicate ideas to multiple audiences within digital environments. (Communication and Collaboration-2)

Use teacher-selected Internet resources, programs, and applications to support personal and academic development. (Research and Information Fluency-3; Technology Operations and Concepts-6)

Demonstrate understanding of common technological vocabulary and use a variety of hardware and software. (Technology Operations and Concepts-6)

Use troubleshooting and adaptive skills to solve technology problems. (Technology Operations and Concepts-6)

Begin formal keyboard training and work toward correct touch typing technique. (Technology Operations and Concepts-6)

Digital Citizenship

Essential Question

How can we be safe and responsible citizens in the online community while honoring God?


Big Idea

We honor God when we respect and collaborate with others while practicing personal safety in the global internet community.







Discuss the role of a Christian as a responsible citizen in the online community. (Digital Citizenship-5)

Explore and engage in meaningful ways to promote the Gospel with technology. (Communication and Collaboration-2; Digital Citizenship-5)

Describe why certain personal information should not be shared online. (Digital Citizenship-5)

Discuss netiquette and honor appropriate guidelines specific to various online activities and environments. (Digital Citizenship-5)

Discuss the importance of copyright and demonstrate how to cite sources for original works. (Research and Information Fluency-3; Digital Citizenship-5)

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