Teaching Technology

Teaching Technology

Teaching Tip: Typing, coding, and

incorporate digital technologies into

the multigrade classroom.

programming are all ways that you can

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The Multigrade Classroom

Technology in the
Multigrade Classroom

Digital technologies assist learners in thinking critically, communicating, collaborating,
and creating.

God designed us to learn in varied ways. The brain is the most complex technological tool available to learners today. Other technology involves the digital media which is another tool used to facilitate the learning process. The elementary Technology Curriculum is broken down into three main areas: Digital Learning , Digital Fluency , and Digital Citizenship.

The goal of Digital Learning is to assist learners to think critically, communicate, collaborate, and to create.

 Digital Fluency offers opportunities for students to develop academically, socially, and spiritually. It helps them to excel in their understanding and use of digital technological resources.

Digital Citizenship teaches students to be safe and responsible citizens of the digital community while honoring God. Digital Citizenship promotes respect for and collaboration with other members of global internet community.

There is no formal textbook for technology, however, there are standards and many resources listed below to help teachers incorporate technology across multiple subject areas in the multigrade classroom. In multigrade classrooms that include kindergarten, teachers have the option of using the kindergarten level of the NAD adopted textbooks or Kindergarten Stepping Stones which is the NAD integrated kindergarten curriculum.

K-2 BRIDGE is an integrated curriculum for K-1 or K-2 multigrade classrooms. Some units are currently available while others are in development.

Digital Learning teaches children how to recognize how digital technologies support the ways God designed us to learn. Digital Fluency teaches children to excel in their understanding and use of digital technology resources. Digital Citizenship teaches students to be safe and responsible citizens.

Visit the Technology Standards Website for tips on how to integrate technology into your classroom.

NAD Adopted Textbooks and Multigrade Organizational Resources

BRIDGE (2018) | Grades K-2

BRIDGE is an integrated curriculum currently in development for K-1 or K-2 multigrade classrooms. This curriculum uses Stepping Stones and Pathways , and embeds all other subjects. Units 1-10 are now available. As other units are completed, they will also be available online.

Union Created Resources

Atlantic Union Conference

Teacher Bulletin (2000–2015)

Other Recommended Resources

North Pacific Union

Elementary Technology Conference | Grades K-8

Professional Development for teachers.

Tech for Teachers | Grades K-8

Elementary technology education tools for the teacher. Contains resources and activities.

20 Must-use Education Technology Tools | Grades K-8

Different tools across disciplines to help the teacher make the best use of technology for the classroom.

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